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Siddhartha Center

Siddhartha Center

It was amazing how I ended up at the Siddhartha Center. Having seen it from the train between Eunos and Aljunied stations, I thought I will walk here after my meeting, only to meet up with some friendly people at another temple who took me here by chance. But then we know that there really is no coincidence. 

The huge Siddhartha Center was formerly known as Siddhartha Temple and was founded in 1954. It is also known as Foo Hai Ch'aan Monastery, which is the temple which houses the Siddhartha Center. A huge Bodhisattva statue is located on the ground floor of the large hall. A multistory Chinese-style pagoda is located to the side of it, containing various exquisite Buddha statues on it's different levels. The top floor contains relics of Lord Buddha, presented by Sri Lanka in 1991. A very special place to visit in Singapore!

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